One In Faith Community Mass Schedule

Please see the bulletin for the weekday schedule.

Weekend Mass times may change due to festivals and other events. The bulletin will have the correct times listed.

When there is a funeral in Greenwald, Meire Grove or Spring Hill, there will not be a morning Mass that day in any of the three parishes.

When there is a funeral in Melrose, there will not be a morning Mass that day in Melrose. 


The Area Catholic Community Weekend Mass Schedule


4 p.m. - New Munich                                 

5 p.m. - Melrose

4 p.m. - Greenwald (November 1 - March 31)*

8 p.m. - Greenwald (April 1 - October 31)*


8 a.m. - Meire Grove

8 a.m. - Freeport

10 a.m. - St. Rosa

10 a.m. - Spring Hill

10 a.m. - Melrose

12:30 p.m. - Melrose (Spanish Mass)

*Mass Time Change
Effective the weekend of April 10/11, the Mass time for St. Andrew in Greenwald will change to 8:00 pm on Saturday evening. This change will remain in effect through October 31, 2021 at which time it will change back to 4:00 pm.

Church of St. Mary Parish Office
755 Kraft Drive SE, Melrose, MN 56352  |  Phone: (320) 256-4207
Churches of St. Andrew, St. John & St. Michael Parish Office
PO Box 136, 211 2nd Ave. N, Greenwald, MN 56335-0136  |  Phone: (320) 987-3205

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