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Liturgical Ministries

​Liturgical Ministries for the Church of St. Mary

Some helpful information to access the schedule:

1. You may access the schedule by clicking on the above link.

2. You may download the app called Ministry Software Pro (MSP) (it has an M with a green background) onto your phone and/or iPad.

3. Once you download the app, you will need to search for our church. You can do so by typing in Melrose for the city and MN for the state. At the next screen, you will need to click on The Church of St. Mary, Melrose MN. From here, if you remember your username/password, you can login. If you do not, click "forgot password" and it'll send you a link to your email. At your email, click on the link and change your password. You can try logging into the app once again and it should be working for you to access the schedule.

4. If you have not used this software before, you can still download the app or click on the link, type in our city/state, click on our church, and then click "forgot password." It will send you a link to your email to set a password.

​Liturgical Ministries for the Churches of St. Andrew,
St. John and St. Michael

The Churches of St. Andrew, St. John and St. Michael have many of the same liturgical ministry opportunities described here. Each church has its own ministry schedule. Please refer to your respective church to see when you are listed to serve.  

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