Giving Opportunities

Automated Fund Transfer option

Automated Fund Transfer is an option when you authorize your financial institution to automatically forward your contribution to the parish from your checking or saving account. Payments are withdrawn from accounts on the 2nd and/or 4th Mondays of the month. If interested please call the parish offices at 320-256-4207 or click on the link below, print out the PDF and return it to the parish center.

One Time Donation option

One Time Donation (or Non-Regular Payment) option


A One Time Donation using a debit card or a credit card or PayPal may now be made to the St. Mary’s Forward in Faith Capital Campaign for building the new church OR a One Time Donation may be made toward the continuing general operating needs of St. Mary’s Parish (the general envelope collection) by clicking on the “Donate” link below.

Please indicate in the second address bar, NEW CHURCH or GENERAL NEEDS for our bookkeeper's directions.

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