Church of St. Mary

Boards & Committees

The parish of St. Mary's is led by many varied councils, boards, and committees whose members are men and women of the parish. The members of some of these groups are elected officials of the parish who serve to lead the parish in good stewardship God's gifts. Other committees have volunteer members who wish to serve their parish with gifts of talent and expertise. All members of the parish are welcome to serve in these leadership positions.

Board of Directors

Bishop Donald Kettler, President
Fr. Marvin Enneking, Pastor

Jody Wehlage, Trustee, Treasurer
Ray Primus, Trustee, Secretary

Parish Council

The Parish Council is the primary consultative body of the parish. It has the duty and responsibility of directing all the functions of the parish life in cooperation with the pastor, parish staff, and all parish organizations. The council has team members: the pastor, two trustees, and seven elected members of the parish. Regular meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Parish Center. 

Several committees report directly to the Parish Council: Building and Grounds, Liturgy, Gambling, Board of Education, Cemetery, Endowment, Social Concerns and Finance.


Parish Council members:

Tricia Klaphake, Chair, Finance Co-Liaison  

Jane Salzl,  Faith Formation/Religious Ed Liaison and ACC Liaison

Jody Wehlage, Trustee, Charitable Gambling Liaison

Joe Roehrl, Building & Maintenance Co-Liaison

Jenna Middendorf, Stewardship Liaison, Social Concerns Liaison

Harvey Middendorf, Cemetery Liaison, Finance Co-Liaison

Carl Worms, Building & Maintenance Co-Liaison, Human Resources Liaison

Troy Tomford, St. Mary's School - Board of Education Liaison, Endowment Liaison

Ray Primus, Trustee

Fr. Newton,  Hispanic Ministry
Morgan Kempernich, Liturgy

Deacon Ernie, Social Concerns

Finance Council

The Finance Council works together with the Parish Council to direct the financial affairs of the parish. Members are appointed and prepare the annual parish budget, approve major expenses, review disbursements, and develop stewardship programs. Regular meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Parish Center.


Finance Council members:

Diane Budde, Co-Chair Parish Council liaison

Sue Rademacher

Karl Funk

Tricia Klaphake

Board of Education

Board of Education members direct the total education program of  St. Mary's School. Regular meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at the school. 

Pete Klaphake, Chair

Cory Ellering, Vice Chair

Ross Wiechmann

Bob Arceneau

Ali Arnzen

Cindy Hemmesch

Jenn Ellering, Administrative Assistant

Troy Tomford, Parish Council Liaison

Endowment Committee

Members of the Endowment Committee oversee the St. Mary's Education Endowment Fund. Regular meetings are held the first Tuesday of January, April, July and October.

Mark Meyer, Chair

Cindy Anderson, Treasurer

Rosie Athmann

Mary Spanier

Alice Schaefer

Ex officio members:

Fr. Marvin Enneking

Autumn Nelson, St. Mary’s School Principal

Troy Tomford, Parish Council Representative

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is the source of all communication to the Parish, via bulletin, website, social media and spoken messages. As well as the diocese, ACC and Catholic School. This group meets as needed and at least once a month. Members are appointed by the Pastor

This Committee is no longer needed

Building & Grounds Committee

Members of the Building & Grounds committee oversee the upkeep and maintenance of the parish buildings and grounds. Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Butch Haider, Chair

Carl Worms, Co-Chair

Jim Mohs, Co-Chair

Glen Klaphake

Bill Kemper

Joe Roehrl

Virgil Metzger

Allan Wiechmann

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee works with Catholic Stewardship Consultants bringing a Stewardship Way of Life to the Parish. This group oversees the monthly Newsletters, Ministry Catalog, the Hospitality Committees,  speaking engagements, annual Stewardship Renewal, annual Survey and the Parish Retreats. This group meets monthly and reports to the Parish Life Committee and Father Marv Enneking. Also this group coordinates all parish mailers from CSC.

Bob and Jan Leukam, Co-Chair

Ernie and Denise Kociemba, Co-Chair

Jodi and Jon Maus

Terri and Chris Ellering

Jenna Middendorf, Pairsh Life liaison 

Pat Tomasek


Cemetery Committee

Members of the Cemetery Committee oversee the maintenance and care of St. Mary's and St. Patrick's Cemeteries, manage the finances, and establish policies. Cemetery guidelines are available from the parish office. Meetings are scheduled quarterly.

Mark Mayers, Chair 
Romie Bertram
Andy Heinen
Char Van Drehle
Mike Meyer
Harvey Middendorf, Parish Council liaison
Jim Maus, Caretaker 

Christian Mothers/Women

St. Mary's Christian Mothers/Women Society brings together women of the parish to share ideas on family life and spirituality and to support one another in prayer. The organization began in 1913 and meets quarterly. The Christian Mothers/Women updates the Hospitality Groups, sponsor the annual St. Patrick's Day supper and social, and prepare receptions for the Confirmation liturgy, sixth-grade graduation and other parish functions.

Caroline Jacobs, President

Karen Weber, Secretary

Diane Budde, Treasurer


Hospitality Volunteers 

St. Mary's Parish's hospitality volunteers serve funeral luncheons, receptions, and other parish-sponsored dinners and events. Each and every parishioner is given the opportunity to help with hospitality for the parish events. Hospitality is a primary Christian virtue which all are called upon to exercise.


Barb O'Brien

Rita Woeste


Mission Society

The purpose of the Church of St. Mary’s Mission Society is to provide opportunities for parishioners to fulfill their basic duty as faithful disciples of God to be missionary. All baptized Christians are asked to extend Christ’s body beyond their physical boundaries and to serve those in need with prayer, active work or fostering interest in the work that our foreign and domestic priest and sister missionaries do. We work for propagation of our Catholic faith and support local efforts that work for the betterment of the lives of others.

St. Mary's Mission Society meets the second Tuesday of the month Oct. through May at 10:30 a.m. at the Melrose Senior Center.

Jane Salzl, Pesident
Denise Kociemba, Secretary/Treasurer

Sts. Elizabeth & Bernard Catholic Aid Societies

This is a society of the Catholic Aid Association. CAA is a life insurance program and members raise funds for matching grant programs. Citizens for Educational Freedom, Masses for deceased members, sponsorship of the rosary on a local radio station, and other charitable causes.

Legion of Mary

St. Mary's parish has an active Legion of Mary group, which is an international association of Catholic women and men. Members attend weekly meetings on Tuesday morning at 8 a.m. at the Parish Center. Active members make weekly visits to the sick, shut-ins and bereaved. Auxiliary members pray a rosary and other Legion prayers daily.

Margaret Imdieke

Caroline Jacobs

Lorraine Bierschbach

National Catholic Society of Foresters 

The NCSF is another fraternal organization for Catholics. Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the Melrose City Center.