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Liturgical Life

​Liturgical Ministries at the Church of St. Mary

There are many ministries through which our community members serve our parish liturgies, each other, and God. Contact the parish office - 320-256-4207,, if you are interested in participating in any of these liturgical ministries!

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembly at Mass, and on occasion, bring Communion to those who cannot come to Mass to receive. Their ministry calls them to be bearers of Christ for others, and to bring Christ, in the Body and Blood, to those who wish to receive.



Sacristans prepare and care for the various liturgical signs and symbols used during the sacraments: holy water, holy oils, incense, candles, and the gifts of bread and wine. Their ministry calls them to “prepare the feast and celebration” by seeing to the preparation and purification of Eucharistic vessels, as well as other liturgical tasks.


Altar Servers

Altar servers act as acolytes during liturgies, bearing for the community the cross, candles, sacred texts, and other liturgical accoutrements. Their ministry calls them to support the worship of the assembly, assist the presider, and serve Christ by serving the altar.


Lectors proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture to the gathered assembly. Their ministry calls them to allow the Word of God to speak through them and to come alive in the hearts of all those who hear it, and to lead the assembly in praying the Prayers of the Faithful.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leaders (CLOW)

Children’s Liturgy of the Word Leaders gather together young children who have not yet received First Communion and lead them in readings of Scripture, activities, and prayer suited to their age during the Liturgy of the Word at Mass. Their ministry calls them to bring the Word of God alive to the youngest members of the gathered assembly.


More info to come.


Greeters welcome and care for the gathered assembly and see to the collection of the assembly’s offerings. Their ministry calls them to be the face of Christ for all who enter the doors of the church, and to create a welcoming environment that fosters community in the gathered assembly.


More info to come.

Music Ministers

Music ministers share their musical gifts and talents with the parish as cantors, choir members, instrumentalists, and accompanists. Their ministry calls them to lead the gathered assembly in sung worship, and to create a prayerful musical environment that allows worshippers to draw closer to God. Music ministers serve as:


Lead and encourage singing of the assembly; proclaim the psalms in song

Children’s Choir:        

Open to those in grades 3-6; typically sings once per month during school year

Youth Choir:               

Open to those in grades 7-12; typically sings once per month during school year

Parish Choir:              

Open to all adults; typically sings twice per month and for seasonal celebrations

Hispanic Choir:           

Open to all; leads sung worship for liturgies celebrated in Spanish

Celebration Singers:   

Contemporary/folk ensemble; typically sings once per month during school year

Resurrection Choir:    

Sings for funerals at the request of the deceased’s family


Encouraged to share their gifts and talents alone or with any of the above groups


Accompany the gathered assembly and/or the above groups by playing piano, organ, guitar, or other suitable instrument for accompaniment

Hispanic Ministry

The Hispanic Ministry is composed of a large Spanish-speaking community, a priest and two Spanish-speaking deacons. Two Masses are offered weekly, one on Mondays in the afternoon and on Sundays at noon.

Marriage preparation, baptisms and quinceaneras are offered, along with an RCIA program, which is a preparation/training for adults who wish to receive the sacraments.

Hispanic ministries include Music Ministries, Lectors, Holy Eucharist Ministers, Altar Servers, Sacristans, Ushers, Greeters, AV/Technology, Ministry for Marriage Preparations, Children's Liturgy of the Word Program, Prayer Group and Rosary on Thursdays, Holy Hour every first Thursday of the month, Confessions in Spanish and Blessing of Homes. There is also  a Hispanic committee, that plans and makes decisions regarding Hispanic ministry, helps in the planning of holidays such as December 12, the day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, or any other special event that the community wants to celebrate.

If you would like more information on how to participate in these ministries, please contact our priest at, or one of our deacons Jorge Carrillo or Jesus Hernández.

​Liturgical Ministries for the Churches of St. Andrew,
St. John and St. Michael

The Churches of St. Andrew, St. John and St. Michael have many of the same liturgical ministry opportunities described here. Each church has its own ministry schedule. Please refer to your respective church to see when you are listed to serve.  

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